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Give the gift of writing for the holidays

I was browsing around our local sporting goods store for some new Nikon rifle scopes for holiday gifts for all my friends …

Okay, that’s not really true. I rarely get to our local sporting goods store (even though it’s the “flagship” store for Bass Pro) and when I do, it’s usually to buy a good winter jacket or a new pair of walking shoes. (Although I have a son and a son-in-law who might be interested in a rifle scope.) But my wife and I really are still working to come up with some good Christmas presents for some family members and a couple of friends.

And I decided to think of some ways we both can use our writing skills to create worthwhile presents. You’d think I would have come up with that earlier, but there you go — I just don’t think much about writing something to give to friends and family members. I’m thinking about simply using a blank Christmas card and creating my own message, personalizing it to truly express my thoughts and feelings for these people and for how very much they have meant in my life.

Give it a shot, if you’re still looking for a present for someone special. Think about how much joy you could bring into their lives with a heart-felt “I love you” gift like a personal message, a short memoir perhaps of how you first met or some special moments you’ve shared, or even a poem from the heart.

Great opportunity, perhaps, to get away from all the commercialism and share a truly “spiritual” gift with someone special.