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Go immediately to ‘ThereTheir.com’ and enjoy — we don’t have to write like idiots

In a comment to a recent post I did about my “more than/more then” pet peeve, one of our readers gave me a link to an absolutely great little writing site — ThereTheir.com. I hadn’t found this website, but now that I know about it I have bookmarked it and will go back, frequently.

The one-page site’s “mission,” if you can call it that, is simple: “This page doesn’t aspire to make you a decent writer, or even a competent speller. It only seeks to keep you from making an *ss of yourself.” The site’s only a single-pager now, but I encourage you to use the “Contact” link in the footer with suggestions of your own that need to be addressed there. The site certainly has room for growth.

What “ThereTheir.com” does is discuss a few of the simple language puzzles many of us often get wrong — such as the there/their usage in the site’s domain name: Don’t confuse the two, they are totally different words with totally different meanings and uses. Sort of like my “more than/more then” crusade. You may get those right without a problem. But how well do you handle “its/it’s” or “affect/effect”? Take a look and bookmark the page. You’ll find it useful. To quote the page title: “Don’t Write Like an Idiot.”

What are some useful writing sites you go to? Sites that give you instant access to helpful grammar, style, spelling, and usage tips? Let us know about them.
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One Response to “Go immediately to ‘ThereTheir.com’ and enjoy — we don’t have to write like idiots”

  1. skeet says:

    Ha! I was sure you had a link to this site somewhere! You may now ignore the earlier communication I sent via your contact form.

    I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been to your site in quite a while. Writing has always been an important part of my life, but I’m taking it more seriously lately, with a goal of letting it provide a larger share of my income. I’ll be visiting your achives and trying to keep up with your current stuff now that I’ve found you again. Good, good stuff! Mahalo!