Goodbye Twitter, hello all my blogging friends

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Sometimes you make a decision and you just feel downright good and RIGHT about it. I did that about 10 minutes ago when I deleted my Twitter account, freeing up some time and getting untangled from a horrifically sp*mmy mess.

I have to stand up and take the blame: I stepped into one of those “see how many thousand followers you can get on Twitter” ideas and ran with it. But soon I found myself unable to run away from the results of that step (or perhaps better called a stumble) — and I was getting billions of tweets every day from every MLM nut and sp*mmer on the Internet. (Okay, not all of ’em, I’m sure, and not really “billions.”)

As I explained awhile ago on another of my blogs, I was always sort of “interface challenged” about Twitter and frequently found myself looking at screens full of idiotic little tweets by idiotic Twitter devotees, and not really understanding whether they were my followers or someone I was actually following.

I think the final straw came when I found I was being followed by (or following? or both??) some people interested in helping me find a successful dating life, and by some nice young ladies who were in bikinis or less and filled them out, I must admit, rather nicely.

My wife, who has a wonderful sense of humor (she’s been married to me more than 42 years, proving she can enjoy a good laugh and is filled with great compassion), got a real kick out of that.

So, former fellow tweeters, you won’t have me to twitter at any longer. If I do decide to jump back into Twitter, I’ll be sure and let you know where you might find me there.

Meanwhile, if you REALLY want to reach me, why not leave a comment here at the old blog and we can engage in some civilized discussion and debate about interesting stuff — not just twit (I mean tweet) at each other 140 characters at a time.

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