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Got the netbook, here’s my initial review

Not long ago, I wrote an article here about netbooks and my plan to buy a netbook. I did buy one. Here’s my initial reaction to using the one I bought.

I bought the Gateway netbook I wrote about in that earlier article. I absolutely love it so far. It has all the advantages of a seriously small, portable computer, with the benefits of decent battery life and functionality.

It arrived from Amazon.com three days ago, and I’ve spent much of that three days setting up software I want available on the tiny machine. I spent half of one day just doing Internet browsing and keyboarding articles with the 3/4-sized keyboard. Surprisingly, as long as I discipline my sloppy typing habits, I’m having no problems with the smaller, almost cramped keyboard size.

The screen is also quite a bit smaller than my Toshiba laptop, but not nearly as difficult on my Old Guy’s eyes as I thought it might be.

It’s really too early to recommend the little machine to those of you looking for a netbook. But I can say it looks very promising. Barring hardware breakdown, I think I’ll be able to give this thing a big thumbs up. I’ll try to let you know more about my experiences with it in a couple of months.