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He doesn’t claim to be a ‘guru,’ but you really need Paul Myers’ free newsletter

I don’t know if this guy’s considered in that rarefied group deemed to be “gurus” or not, but I’ll guarantee you his free newsletter is absolutely worth gold to anyone wanting to do an online business of ANY sort.

His name is Paul Myers. His newsletter, “Talk Biz,” is sort of “irregular” in publication as he says. It’s chocked full of non-B.S. stuff about what’s important in business — and has a lot of fun things that seem pretty applicable to all of life. AND …

… drum roll, please …

He gives you the best ebook download for business you’ll ever find. The ebook you’ll download is “Need to Know,” and it really is extremely valuable collection of things you, uh, well, “Need to Know” if you do any business, blogging, writing, etc., on or off the Internet.

I’m serious about my opinion on that — of course, it’s just my opinion. But I’ve wasted an embarrassing amount of money on stuff that hasn’t told me or taught me HALF as much as Paul’s free 112 page ebook.

Enough. Set aside my babblings here (can you tell I’m really excited about this ebook, this newsletter, and this guy’s writing?) and go right over to sign up for Paul Myers’ free “Talk Biz” newsletter and get your free “Need to Know” ebook. Do it now. Download the ebook and enjoy. It’s not only filled with great advice — it’s downright fun to read. Most fun how-to-business book I’ve ever read. Go ahead. Click on the link above, sign up, download the “Need to Know” ebook and enjoy.