Heads-up for new bloggers: Beware of ‘MFA’ approach

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I’m sure most bloggers already know the fundamental warning about “MFA” sites — beware of turning your blog into one.

For those of you who don’t know the acronym, an “MFA” site or blog is a “made for AdSense” site. In other words, it is a blog or website which exists primarily to draw people who will click on AdSense ads, making money for the blog owner/webmaster for each AdSense click. For instance, a few years ago it was all the rage among bloggers to create sites built around the key word “mesothelioma,” because people advertising through Google’s AdWords program were willing to pay huge amounts of money to get their ads related to that particular form of cancer shown prominently on Google.

(Note: AdSense works by displaying AdWords links on websites. The more money advertisers pay for a particular key word click in Adwords, the more Google pays the blogger/webmaster displaying AdSense focused on that key word.)

For the last couple of years, Google has made it very clear that they devalue MFA sites. Think about the concept of Goggle as a search engine: They want to offer the best quality, most relevant content for people searching for information, products, etc., on the Internet. Back in the “distant past” (maybe 1998-2001 or so?) you could slap together a web page with little or no content, merely displaying a few banners and literally listing high-value key words — and the young Google and other search engines would send traffic/money your way.

Today, if you decide to build a blog or website using AdSense ads on it (as I have on this blog) you truly had better put some solid content on the site, and keep adding fresh content. If not, you run the risk of getting your site “de-indexed” by Google, and even having your AdSense account shut down.

Those of you not interested in starting blogs or putting AdSense on your blogs needn’t worry much about this. But if you do use AdSense on your blog/website, read Google’s terms of service again from time to time and stay up to date on what Google wants.

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