Heads-up to those who sign up for this blog …

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I have no requirements whatsoever that you be a “member” or that you be “logged in” to post a comment on this blog.

I made the decision some months ago, based on comments from other bloggers at various forums on which I roam, that anyone who chooses to can post a comment here — although I am notified of pending comments and must approve or deny them. I cannot understand, therefore, why anyone would feel the urge to register.

But that’s all right. Go ahead and register with your email address, and if you wish, with your name. BUT KNOW THIS —

If you register here and/or have registered here in the past, I am going to plug your name into a blog mailing list I am setting up for a sort of “occasional” or “irregular” newsletter. My plan is never to send you anything more than two or three times a month. Generally, if I can ever gear up for doing some article writing and Squidoo lens creation, I would be sending out a newsletter to the mailing list alerting you when I have lenses or articles for sale. Now, if you’ve hung around here long, you know I never have done such a thing before. But I have high hopes.

In a perfect world I would be able to earn enough revenue off this blog to make a comfortable living. In my version of the “real world,” I rarely make enough revenue from this and my two other main blogs to pay for monthly webhosting.

But my hopes are higher than that, and I wanted to post this so that you’d understand if you suddenly receive notice from my domain (garyspeer.com) that you’re on a mailing list or if you receive the first of my occasional/irregular newsletters.

And you will, of course, have an option at the bottom of any email you receive from garyspeer.com or any of my other domains to immediately cancel and not receive further email.

But why would you??

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