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Health care ‘reform’ takes big step; learn as a writer

All right, I’ve said recently in another blog that I doubt any real, legitimate health care reform will happen anytime soon. Today’s swing by a key Senator in favor of the health care reform bill there means it MIGHT happen. Of course, there’s no guarantee that any final health care reform will mean lower health insurance in NC or MO or NY, or any other state in the country. But it may be a start toward untangling the health and medical system we have that currently overwhelms people in those states and all the rest.

Moving on, I realize the focus of this website is not health care, nor is it politics — it’s writing. Yet there’s a significant lesson here for all of you reading this who are writers. Many of you either do or will do copywriting. That means you may find yourself involved writing on political issues, on health care issues, on the entire spectrum of human knowledge and communications.

If you’ve been following the whole health care reform effort — and how could you live in the U.S. this year and NOT follow some of it? — you know that politicians and lobbyists on all sides of these issues have intentionally distorted many matters. Others have misspoken or written out of ignorance and added to the confusion.

Learn from all you read — learn not only about the issues involved that affect your life, but learn also how things are being said and written, and how your writing can improve. Pay attention to everything you read about these issues which stir passions, and learn how to write it better or at least differently in your own style.