Helpful hint: Locate and learn to use public ‘office space’ to stay online

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I’m writing this from one of our public library study rooms here in beautiful Springfield, MO. My “real” office at home was offline all day yesterday and I was stuck at home — but maybe I can use that experience to impart a useful tip. But first, a little background information is in order.

We had something like 15 hours of severe weather come pounding through our neck of the woods overnight on Monday. For that time, we were ALWAY under either a tornado warning or a severe thunderstorm warning. For those of you who live outside stormy regions of our world, a weather “watch” means conditions are right for bad weather; a “warning” means that sucker’s here.

Two tornadoes went through our town, neither very close to our old house. But one of them blew down my son’s privacy fence and scattered his neighbor’s trash all over his (my son’s) yard.

Several nearly-100-mph straight line wind gusts blew by also, as well as some serious (golf ball sized to baseball sized) hail. It was a less than fun night in the Ozarks. Two people died as a result of those storms, many homes were damaged or destroyed, and things were a mess all day yesterday. Which brings me to the point of all this: We lost telephone service, along with our DSL — meaning I had no way to get online from home yesterday.

I happened to be stuck around the house all day anyway waiting for a plumber to repair a sump pump problem that came about from the storm. So I couldn’t get to what I like to think of as my instant, public office space: A private study room in one of our public libraries, with free WiFI.

Hence the title of this post: If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to scout out a public place where you can spend serious time online for free if you’re doing writing or business on the Internet. Perhaps you already have. There are many cafes, coffee shops, and libraries all over that offer such space. If you haven’t found that sort of backup spot somewhere handy, you really should.

Thankfully, our DSL/phone service is now back, so I probably won’t spend long here, because I’m a lazy old bald guy who loves blogging from his favorite recliner more than this stiff library chair. But it was nice to have. Find something like that for yourself.
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