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Here are some useful tools for writing copy to use on the Internet

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, if you’re going to put it on a website or a blog, you might want to consider the following helpful tools. They are all free. I don’t have the links handy for downloading them, but you can easily find that by searching at Google or Yahoo. I should explain that I use a Windows computer. I cannot offer Mac equivalents because I haven’t used a Mac in many, many years.

1. Notepad. This one might surprise you. It’s free and it comes on all Windows computers. It creates simple text files. You probably know already that most websites and/or blogs work best if you start with simple, unformatted text files. If you try to use the Rich Text format or something like Word to create files to upload to the Internet, you’ll have problems.

2. Notepad++. If you like the simplicity of Notepad, you’ll appreciate this simple text editor as a nice advance on the original. It allows you to use tabs, i.e., you can more than one file open at a time. Extremely handy. It, too, is free.

3. PSPad Editor. This one’s a bit more esoteric. It allows you to write and edit in a wide range of web creation “languages,” from HTML to Javacript to PHP — and all those odd things in between. If you’ve gotten beyond writing website articles and other text files and want something handy and easy to use, this is a good choice.

4. BlogDesk. If you want a great tool for writing blog posts offline, then easily uploading them to your blog, this is one you should look at. It works with several types of blogs, not just WordPress.

5. ScribeFire. If you use FireFox as your web browser, this “extension” or “add-on” lets you write and post WordPress blog entries from within your browser. It give you some ways to organize and list multiple blogs to keep you up to date on your blogging. If you don’t do more than one blog, it might not be of interest. And if your a hardcore Internet Explorer user, it won’t be of interest to you anyway.

6. KompoZer. This is a “WYSIWYG” — “What You See Is What You Get” — website editor. If you create websites, or you want to try your hand at it, this a great tool. Download it, play around with it, look around the forums for it. If you don’t want or don’t need to get into writing HTML code for a website, this is a great one to try.

There are many other useful and free writing tools for writing articles, advertising, or other website content. What are some of your favorites? Share them with us.
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2 Responses to “Here are some useful tools for writing copy to use on the Internet”

  1. You’ve got some great tips here! I’m going to check out some of the software you’ve mentioned.

    Your blog design looks great!

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks. I picked up the template, called Zeke 1.0+widgets from this website:


    It’s one of their free templates. I’m looking at a couple of their for-sale templates, too.