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Here’s a different perspective on SEO; take a look

If you do any blogging on online writing trying to make money in any way, you certainly have seen or heard the term “SEO.” The letters stand for “search engine optimization.” I just read an excellent, but very different, article about what SEO has come to mean, and what it really SHOULD be — written by someone I respect highly when it comes to online marketing. Take a look at his article for yourself. I hope you’ll click that link and read it thoroughly. It offers some really practical, simple advice if you’re an online writer/marketer.

To summarize what the writer — known affectionately to his regular readers as “Grizzly” or “Grizz” — is saying, he maintains that true “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) simply means getting keyword targeted “backlinks” to your website, blog post, or whatever. That, he says, plus using keywords in your writing that are being searched for regularly in Google and the other major search engines, will do the trick. The rest of everything you’ve heard or read about SEO is either just plain wrong or is being used to con you out of your time or money.

Grizz is suggesting, for example, that the best way to rank highly in Google for something like “weight loss pills,” would be to write useful content about weight loss pills, then get lots of links back to your content using those words as anchor for the links.

Sure makes sense to me. I’ve often wondered how folks can seriously believe all the clever and sometimes downright deceptive things they do to rank highly in Google is any basis for regular, steady success online.

2 Responses to “Here’s a different perspective on SEO; take a look”

  1. Griz says:

    Amen Gary – wish I had stated it as simply as that. Of course why write a short post when you can write a really looooooong one! Lol

    Thanks for the nod and the forum thing – too bad the “bloggers” on there are dense. “Link Bait”? Like I give a damn about trying to lure readers… (especially bloggers)

    Cheers and thanks again.


  2. Gary says:

    Hey, Griz. Thanks for stopping by. And while I’m at it, my inner obsessive/compulsive heart compels me to apologize for spelling “Griz” wrong. I’ll try to remember the single “z.”

    Ah, there. The old-fashioned copyeditor in me feels better now.