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Here’s a real-life quiz about doing freelance article writing for the Internet

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This original post, made before the website crash I reference elsewhere, generated some interesting detailed comments. Unfortunately, I was not able to salvage the original comments, so I certainly encourage those of you who commented to come back and share your thinking on this again.)

One of the many — too many! — email newsletters to which I subscribe sends out occasional subscriber-to-subscriber requests for freelance writing. I got an issue sent out to the list recently from someone in a rush for 10 articles. Each article needs to be 750 words. They gave a breakdown on the articles: two of each were about five kinds of knives. (Apparently they are marketing knives on the Internet and want content articles.)

They were asking for 7,500 words total and they said they need all 10 articles by tomorrow. What would you be willing to pay someone for those articles? What, as a writer, would you expect to earn for doing the work?

I think I’ll turn this into a little short answer quiz. I have no prize to offer, and there really is no right or wrong answer. I simply want you to tell me what you think would be reasonable 1) to pay for such an assignment if you were requesting the articles, and, 2) to receive as payment for the work if you were writing the articles. As a writer, take into consideration the length of the job, the time you estimate it will require, and the quick turnaround time required by the deadline.

I’ll be back here tomorrow (Friday) and let you know what the offered payment was and how I would evaluate taking or not taking it, based on my writing experience and expectations.
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