Here’s my answer to the freelance opportunity quiz I posted yesterday

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I posted yesterday about a freelance article writing offer for which I received email. You can reread that post. In summary, the appeal was for someone who would write 10 articles, each article 750 words long. The person wanted the 10 articles split up with two each into five topics, which he described briefly. The appeal also said the articles were needed the next day.

My question was two-fold, something like this:

1. What would you be willing to pay if you were the one seeking a freelancer?
2. What would you expect to be paid if you were the freelancer taking the assignment?

I got email later yesterday evening with a link to go to which indicated that the offer had been accepted, and what the “winning bid” was for the assignment. So here is my thinking, along with the actual pricing details.

For me to take the offer, and I’ve always been guilty of working too cheaply, I would need to be paid at least $30 for each 750 word article under normal circumstances. If I were actually expected to write and turn over all 10 articles in 24 hours or less — well, I wouldn’t even consider it for less than $50 an article. (One comment I got pointed out the time it would take for both research and writing and said, given her writing circumstances and family circumstances, she would ask for $1,000 for the whole job and be willing to take $800. I find that very reasonable, too. Like I said, I’ve always caved in and worked too cheaply.)

BUT — here’s the reality of what the money was and what the job finally was done for:

The offer for the whole job was $25. When I checked the link later yesterday evening from the second email, I found the job went for a bid of $30.

Do think freelance article writing on the Internet is a good way to make money?

Me neither — unless you do it for your own website, or as a paid blog post. If you are a writer, you can generate decent copy, with some practice, for articles related to websites and products to submit to article directories — hopefully generating traffic to a website of your own. The other option, writing blog posts for pay, is not too bad. It absolutely pays FAR more per word to do blog posts than the ridiculous freelance offer we’re writing about.

I have it on good authority from several forums I visit that there literally are “word factories” out there in countries where English is a second/third/fourth language which specialize in cranking out these cheapy articles in mass quantities. Such operations and people willing to use them lead to the many, many illiterate “articles” you see all over the Internet.

So there you go. Internet writing is easy, but making money from it may be much harder than you think. But get out there and write something to make us all proud of you.
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2 Responses to “Here’s my answer to the freelance opportunity quiz I posted yesterday”

  1. I am 100 percent with you on this issue, Gary. The bid-for-projects sites are crammed with lowball article writing projects, and too many writers are willing to snap them up (maybe $30 a day goes farther where they live). I have pulled all such links from the “Jobs for Writers” page on my site, no longer promote ebooks that list bid sites as a writing job strategy, and will exclude project bid sites from all future articles that I write on the topic of how to earn money as a writer. Thanks for writing about this!

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks, Mary Ann, for coming by and leaving your comment. It is absolutely outrageous how this plague of cheap “writing” has flooded the article market.

    It’s always disheartening to go to a writing or marketing forum and read posts by eager folks wanting to cash in on “article marketing,” who speak and write English as a second/third language and assume they can do well enough to get paid for their writing.

    Welcome, and I hope you’ll hang around these parts from time to time.

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