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Here’s my end-of-the-year plea for your input

Consider this my end-of-the-year plea for your input. If I can share something helpful here during 2009, I would love to do so.

What sort of writing do you do? Do you write ad copy, company reports, brochures? Do you write short stories? Do you write novels? Biographies? How-to books?

Whether you’re finishing your first novel or fifth novel or whether your writing task is to spell out step-by-step instructions for installing bathroom lighting fixtures, I would like to offer something useful to you here in the coming year.

My experience, as I’ve said many times, has been in religious writing and editing. I also spent several years as a newspaper copy editor. In my spare time, I’ve spent recent years blogging and working on some mystery and historical novels. I’ve kicked around a few Western novel plots. (In another life, I have friends who know me as “Old Hoppy” and I do a blog about Life in the Old West.)

What do YOU write? What do you HOPE to write? Send me your comments, please. That’ll help us all learn more together.