How are ‘smartphones’ changing your life as a writer?

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How are “smartphones” changing your life as a writer? Or are they?

I confess that I’m sort of a “Luddite” when it comes to cutting edge high-tech (if you’ve been around here often, you probably already figured that out), partly by nature and mostly because of budgetary constraints, should we say? I have a nearly antique, plain vanilla cell phone which I carry around. It’s generally turned off, because I mostly just use it when I need to make a call. (My adult children, especially my daughter, insist that statement alone betrays my “old guy” status.)

I have never done “texting,” because I’ve always felt a phone was for, uh, well, phone calls.

I use a laptop computer with most of the necessary bells and whistles, though I suppose it’s underpowered for gaming — but then I never use it to play games. My laptop is my link to the Internet. I use a WiFi setup with DSL for my home connection. When I travel (which isn’t nearly as much as I would like), I bank on cheap/free WiFi Internet access at my lodging, whether that’s a fancy Orlando hotel or a humble mom-and-pop motel in the wilds of Wyoming. Increasingly, everyone from the luxury resorts right down to the mom-and-pops all have free high speed WiFi, so that works out well.

But I cannot help but wonder: with the massive move to such “smartphones” as BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, and all the rest — will Internet access for travelers eventually be only 3G or 4G or their evolving network descendants? If that ever happens, I suppose I’ll be forced to pay some ridiculous price for a phone I neither want nor need just to stay online when (if) I do much traveling.

How about you? Have the “smartphones” taken over your life yet? Do you actually use a phone to access the Internet and do writing for a website or blog? I would be interested in knowing how widespread the 3G/4G “revolution” has become for writers. Leave us a comment and let us know if you’re one of this new breed of Internet writing road warriors.

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