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How’s your summer? I’m working on some old book manuscripts myself

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Let me be very honest about this: I am not a published novelist. I read a lot of novels. I have some friends and personal acquaintances who are published novelists.

I, however, have never exercised the self-discipline in “practice” which I “preach” about regarding steady, daily work on a novel until it gets done. I have at least four manuscripts in various stages of disarray — but no books yet completed, much less published.

I’ve taken a couple of those novels out of the mothball stuffed closet on my hard drive, dusted them off, and aired them out. The musty smell is nearly gone now, and I’m weighing my options and preparing to put some daily effort into finishing them.

I’m thinking about continuing the story of Buckskin Bob and the Colorado gold scam, since it fits well with the “Life in the Old West” website I launched a few weeks ago. That site is drawing a growing crowd of readers, which has encouraged me to think and write more about the American West.

On the other hand, I enjoy working on the manuscript I started about a retired couple in a small town in Nebraska who suddenly come into millions of dollars in an unexpected way and have some “bad guys” out to get them and get their fortune. As an Old Guy that one appeals to me in a special way.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, how’s your summer going? Doing some writing? Tell us about it.
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