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Idiotic sp*mmers never give up, do they?

One of the irritating things about trying to publish a blog regularly is that you have to put up with all sorts of idiotic sp*mmers. I use the “*” instead of the letter “a,” because I fear using the word might draw some more of it my way via the mysteries of search engines.

I had a plugin installed on this WordPress blog which dealt quickly and silently with all the sp*m comments that come my way so they never saw the light of day and I never had to look at them. Unfortunately, I had to disable that plugin. It’s caused a bit more hassle, but I can get by all right.

In a perfect world, of course, I would never have comments or links or any other content on my blog unless it was something I wrote, I approved, or at least I invited. After all, if I want to put a link on my blog to a useful blog about making money, or about something like Panama City beach rental properties, or about anything else under the sun, that’s my decision as owner of this operation.

If you blog, you absolutely know what I’m talking about here. Does it get as irritating to you as it does to me? I ask because I’ve actually gone to blogs that are chocked full of comment sp*m, and whoever’s running the blog really doesn’t seem to care.

If you’re a blogger and if you have a great solution to stopping sp*m in its tracks, leave a comment and share your secrets with the rest of us, will you? Thanks.