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If I were a rich writer, wow the gadgets I would own

Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a writer: I should be one of those guys who writes about all the electronics and high-tech gadgets on the market, the guy who others listen to about the latest goodies from smartphones to iPads to iPod touch to cutting edge backyard telescopes.

I love all that stuff, though I own very few goodies. If I were a rich writer, wow, think of all the gadgets I’d own.

In the real world, however, my life has moved more toward writing mystery fiction, history, and historical fiction. But that’s all right with me. I love astronomy and I read a fair amount of science fiction and fantasy, so I satisfy that craving for high-tech goodies, even though I lack the expertise to write much about such things.

What’s your “bread and butter” writing, and is it the same as your personal passion? Leave a comment and tell us about it.