If you blog with WordPress, be aware of widget woes if you upgrade to 2.5

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Just a “heads up” if you blog with WordPress and are considering the upgrade to their newest version 2.5. I upgraded one of my blogs a few days ago.

They have totally messed up the dashboard for using widgets in the new 2.5. I mean wow have they messed it up.

The biggest problem is if you do much widget moving. (If you aren’t a WordPress blogger, this may all sound like Greek to you before I’m done.) For example, on this blog I use a WordPress theme which has two sidebars — sidebar 1 and sidebar 2. In past versions of WP, if I wanted to move a widget containing, say, the “Archives,” from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2, I simply went into the administrative dashboard which shows my two sidebars, did a quick drag-and-drop, and the job was done.

Now, there seems to be a way it CAN be done, but not easily. In fact, one blog I was reading earlier today gave a step-by-step “how-to” for moving a widget from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2 — it only took him 15 steps. It takes many more if you wish to move more than one widget.

I will say this, if you aren’t going to be moving widgets between sidebars in your layout, everything else about WordPress 2.5 works nicely. Some of the administrative areas in the dashboard look and behave very differently, but once you get accustomed, the software itself seems stable and seems much faster.

For those of you who aren’t bloggers, or those who don’t use WordPress, I thank you for your patience.
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  1. Deborah says:

    I’m noticing other problems. The most notable is that I have trouble seeing my comments from the admin dashboard. In order to approve a comment, I have to access it from the notification email. Very strange.

    I also noticed that I am always in the HTML editing mode when I write a post, which I hate. I’d rather see how it will look on the page and switch over if I have to insert code or something.

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