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If you blog, you know what I mean by ‘comment sp*m’

Sometimes the stuff that comes to me via email and via attempts to “comment” on my blogs just makes me sick. Other times, such sp*m (rhymes with “ham”) really cracks me up.

There appears to be some odd script fools are paying for that sends “comments” out to a list of blogs that start out very much like this: “Hi. Great site” — followed by several dozen links to p*rno or online s*xual dr*g sites. Quite disturbingly, I just deleted a couple of dozen sp*m comments that all started like this: “Hi. Come visit my site!” — followed by links to sites focused on i*ces*. (IMPORTANT: I won’t spell out such words, because it’ll only trip more spam.)

But the one I just deleted really cracked me up. It had this message followed by a couple of dozen links to online ph*rmaceutical sites:

“Your destination is the great and busy world; your immediate object is the affairs, the interests, and the history, the constitutions, the customs, and the manners of the several parts of Europe.”

What on earth that was supposed to mean is beyond me. Obviously, the sp*mmer had a list of keywords he figured he’d blast at a million blogs, hoping to get the comments and list of keywords accepted. Exactly how that does him any good is something I really don’t pretend to understand. But I’m sure some moron has made a million dollars selling such idiocy to some seriously ignorant, desperate people. Agh — I can barely talk about all that. Makes me furious.

But, there’s a positive note to all this. If you blog and if you use WordPress, you probably already know about the WordPress plugin called “Akismet.” Akismet is one of the greatest blogging tool ever invented. The newest versions of WordPress include it by default. It does an incredible job of segregating all the comment sp*m so you don’t need to read and sort through it manually. It’s amazingly accurate. You have the choice of looking through everything Akismet marks as sp*m and either unsp*mming it or deleting it. After a few months, the thing is so accurate, you’ll never see another disgusting comment sp*m — and you can set it to automatically delete the drivel after 30 days.

Ah, the joys of blogging.
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