If you use EzineArticles.com, be sure you know rules

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If you use EzineArticles.com for so-called “article marketing,” be sure you know the rules. The site has very detailed, but very clear, Editorial Guidelines that deal with matters of content, style, and most of all, requirements for authors and authors’ accounts. The site’s rules for authors’ accounts have led to some confusion, which I’m happy to clear up for you.

I recently spent money for a trial month and a second full month’s membership to a marketing website. The dozens (perhaps hundreds) of hours of training video contained a multi-video course specifically about submitting articles to EzineArticles.com to build keyword targeted back links, and therefore traffic, to your website. In their training videos they intentional teach you to create more than one EA (that’s my shorthand for EzineArticles.com) author account. They explain that trying to write and submit many (perhaps dozens, even hundreds) articles on several niches using your real name will dilute the ability for you to position yourself as an “authority” on each of the niches you’re writing about. That seems reasonable to assume. So, these “gurus” taught, if you use different emails to create many author accounts, then even use EA’s feature that allows you to connect pen names to each account, you are able to appear authoritative in dozens of different marketing niches.

Why, you may ask, not just link however many pen names you want to a single author account at EA?

Because, the gurus explained, EA limits you to only five or six pen names — which they call “alternate authors” — to each account. So you need multiple accounts, was their explanation.

Problem: EA guidelines for authors is very clear on this matter — you are allowed ONLY ONE account “per human being,” as they put it in their guidelines.

So here you have an exclusive membership site (with fees of $67 or $97 per month depending on the level of membership you purchase) teaching you to cheat the system at EA to do your marketing. The same membership site also teaches you to base your Internet writing/marketing career on quality content and absolute integrity.

Being unafraid to take the direct approach, I logged into my EA author account and used the “Contact” form to ask EA about pen names or “alternate authors.” I recounted the information I just rambled through above, then asked them: “Is there a limit on the number of pen names or alternate authors you allow on a given author account? If so, what is that limit.” Here’s the answer I got directly from their editorial staff member Kimberly:

“We DO allow only ONE account per author, and each account may have an unlimited number of alternate author names on it.

“I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else.”

I think that’s pretty clear. Any questions about that? Feel free to ask for more information, or just leave a comment about EzineArticles.com if you wish.

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  1. j davis says:

    Ezine is not worth the trouble. Their heavy handed ‘editors’ and ridiculous keyword rules make for bland watered down articles. I avoid them if at all possible. There are many better ways to publish articles.

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