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If you’re wondering where I’ve been — boy, do I have a tale to tell

I was abducted by a dragon just after midnight Sunday and taken to a far away land …

No? Okay. I’m lying. There was no dragon. I wasn’t abducted. And the real problem started more like 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning. But it has been a harrowing tale, and it is far from over …

My webhost sent out an emergency notice early Monday morning that the server I happened to be on crashed. Not only that, but the DOUBLE REDUNDANT backup array also crashed. What are the odds?

Pretty good odds, I would guess, since that’s really what happened. The good news is, it gives me a chance to revamp the 29+ marketing sites and blogs I run. The bad news is, I have to rebuild/re-create most of the stuff because I’ve been a BAAAAD boy and not done adequate backup.

For instance, I will now need to create most of the posts in this blog the hard way: I will be copying-and-pasting as many entries as I can from the backup FeedBurner/FeedBlitz emails I get each day of the day’s posts and putting them back into this site’s database.

Yes, well. I’ll do what I can, but mostly I know there’s no way to recover a couple of years worth of posts and comments.

So you’ll see changes around this site. But stick with me. You hang around and I promise I’ll restore everything I can.

With everybody helping, we can make this a really useful, worthwhile site.