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If you’re writing for money, here’s a question for you — what are you willing to write?

I’ve met some very successful novelists who started out writing “soft porn,” and in some cases not-so-soft porn, and moved into mainstream or genre success. I could name a couple of names, but I won’t, although one in particular is someone who’s freely admitted many times in print that he started in porn.

As many of you know, I’ve posted in recent months about the new, ongoing writing gig I have doing paid blogging. The company I’m working with has pretty strict disclosure standards, but I’ve never had a problem with the content they wanted me to do.

However, I took a nice, seemingly good opportunity — and found some language on the site I did not care to direct you to, so I had to throw the sucker back and look for something else.

Let me be perfectly clear: I have no problem writing profanities. I have no problem reading profanities. I rarely use profanities. What I have a problem with is recommending a website to you or anyone else where someone uses profanity with no reason and with the glee of a 12-year-old who just learned about the words. I call that a waste of space on the Internet, and a waste of your time.

Which brings me, finally, to the subject of the title of this post: What are you willing to write for money? I’m not asking that rhetorically, and I don’t mean to sound in any way sarcastic. I’m just curious how and where you draw the line on what you’re willing to do as a writer.

Jump right in and let us know. We can all learn from your thinking.
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One Response to “If you’re writing for money, here’s a question for you — what are you willing to write?”

  1. Tip Diva says:

    Well, this falls sort of out of the realm of writing, but I also do web design on the side. I refuse to work on any website that I would feel uncomfortable having my mother read – including XXX and promotion of hate. I need websites (and writing) for my portfolio, and I will not waste my time on those that will reflect badly on me (or my business) at the end.