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Important to understand this about affiliate marketing …

I’ve discovered that it is VERY important to understand this about affiliate marketing — you are NOT a merchant, and customers from your site often do not understand that you are not a merchant.

On all of my affiliate marketing sites, I include a “Privacy” statement and disclaimer. On that page, I make it a point to say that “we are NOT merchants, but we partner with online merchants” somewhere in the statement. I have started making this comment bold faced type.

I doubt that it does much good to say this, because I continue to get email feedback from customers who click through my site links, make a purchase from the merchant, then contact ME regarding missing toy parts, broken or defective product items, etc.

You must do all you can to educate the people who come to your site that they are buying from your online “merchant partner,” not you, or you will always have trouble with this.

3 Responses to “Important to understand this about affiliate marketing …”

  1. Kayecee says:

    Great point Gary! I get this all the time too. People don’t read the PP or TOS at all. I’m tempted to add a statement like that in my footer in bold print…. or maybe the About page… they seem to read that more than the other two.

  2. Gary says:

    I was thinking about this today because I got just such an email this afternoon. Some woman used the feedback form on a site and gave me detailed descriptions of a tiny missing part to a toy she bought through one of my sites.

    It’s always frustrating. I certainly don’t want to make anyone think I am bogus, or that I’m trying to cheat them.

    I hadn’t thought about a statement on the “About” page, too. I’ll try that.

  3. Kayecee says:

    Ouch! And it’s sometimes tough to explain how aff marketing works to customers. Hope she understands.

    I’m glad I came across this on twitter tonight. I realized a few days ago that I needed to change some of my TOS and About information. But with the holidays, I forgot all about it until your post. Thank God I set it up to CURL… one stop and I’m done! 😀