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Insurance remains major problem for many freelancers

I was reminded again today of the major problem many freelancers face regarding insurance. I’m a case in point, as I probably mentioned before. Although my wife has decent health insurance coverage as part of an early retirement package she took some years back, I do NOT have any health insurance coverage, and because of a little snafu on our part, I cannot get on my wife’s policy.

I was reminded of the risks we have with this when I ran onto a friend I hadn’t seen for a year or so. He’s four years younger than I, and is in overall better health than I — uh, except for the heart attack, angioplasty, and arterial stint business he went through just five days ago. Fortunately for him, he’s covered by his wife’s health insurance, though much of his career/income is from various IT freelancing he does.

I don’t even so much as have term life insurance right now, though I do have an accidental death and dismemberment policy for free through our credit union account. (Uh, not free, but only about $80.00 a year.)

The biggest issue we have regarding life insurance and certainly regarding health insurance boils down to one word — expense. When I explored the possibility of paying for my own health insurance about a year and a half ago, I discovered given my age that the cost for even a very inadequate, minimal policy would run me well over half of my estimated monthly freelance earnings.

So for now, at least, I have no health insurance. How about you who are reading this? How many of you have health insurance? Is it through a spouse/partner’s employee insurance? Do you pay for it on your own? What are your costs like?

I haven’t commented on much in this blog that’s political. (I have another blog where I get quite political, but not generally here.) But I will say this: I hope the new President and his Administration will find some solutions to the horrendous costs of adequate health insurance in this nation. There’s gotta be a better, more affordable way than the present system.