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Interesting forum discussion: Could you write 1,000 articles per month?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is the first of two I plan on doing related to writing Internet articles for marketing. I cannot do the concept justice in even one or two posts, but I have an approach in mind I want to share with you in this post and one later today. So consider this “Part 1 of 2.”)

One of the forums I visit several times a day is about affiliate marketing. If you do any affiliate marketing you may already know there’s an ongoing dispute within that world regarding “content v. sales.” It goes something like this: Do sites loaded with lots of articles about content related to a product do best — or do sites loaded with lots of products and sales copy do best?

Let’s make up an example of what I mean. Let’s say I want to market exterior lighting and I have a merchant who sells antique-style yard lights willing to give me 10% of every sale that comes to his website through a link on my site. Should I write a blog or a bunch of articles posted on static pages that talk about lighting, the history of outdoor lighting, the styles of Victorian lamp posts, the history of Tiffany lamps, the best way to position outdoor lights for maximum home security, etc., then put links to my merchant’s various products in and around those articles? OR — should I display the various outdoor lighting products with a paragraph or two telling about the features and benefits of each and a “buy” or “more information” link that takes a site visitor directly to the merchant’s site via my affiliate code?

In reality the best idea is probably a combination of both. Affiliate marketing is certainly as much art as science. I personally know people who are VERY successful — six-figure incomes and even more — with BOTH approaches and all sorts of combinations of the two.

But given human nature, affiliate marketers tend to lean more toward one approach or the other, even as they try combinations of both: Writing is easy for some and harder for others. I have one friend who would rather pull his own teeth than write three paragraphs. He also would happily spend all day and night “coding” and developing websites that run off merchant product datafeeds with little or no “content.”

Having said all that to set up the title of this post, here’s the situation. Currently, at the forum I linked to above, there’s quite a discussion going on about website marketing “content.” A very experienced Internet marketer (“guru” maybe?) has said the way to be successful at affiliate marketing is to write 1,000 content articles — which he further defined as 400+ words each — every month for your website. He has discussed the importance of detailed, quality research, and articles that target both key words for the search engines and quality content for your site’s visitors that will turn them into buyers.

So, I ask of you these questions: How do you approach content for your website or blog? Do you do any affiliate marketing, and what role does that play in relation to the content on your site/blog? And finally, do you think it’s possible to research and write 1,000 articles a month for your site/blog — and do you think YOU could do it or hire someone to do it?

I’ll have more to say about all these matters and about that forum thread in my next post. You’re certainly welcome to read the whole forum thread if you’re interested.
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