Internet blurs line between written word, video

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I’m discovering daily at how the Internet continues to “blur” the line between plain written words and video, in everything from off line publications to online design and content of websites.

Many years ago I had a position as news editor for a large (circulation approximately 250,000) weekly religious magazine. The magazine was an official denominational magazine for a large Protestant Christian religious denomination.

This was back in the early days of computerized publishing and, in fact, no one had ever heard of the Internet or Worldwide Web — outside of a few handfuls of university and government officials, I guess.

At the time, private PCs and Apple computers were just starting to roll out to consumers, along with some basic do-it-yourself graphics and layout software for writers and publishers. The professional graphics artist I worked with was just starting to mumble and grumble such stuff as, “Yeah, everybody who owns a computer and some software thinks he’s a designer or graphics artist now.”

While I appreciate the radical changes that have happened to computers and software, I still join my artist friend in his skepticism about graphics, and layout and design these days, both regarding publications off line and website publication online.

Maybe because of all that ancient personal history and job background, I tend to do more with words, i.e., text, than with graphics or video. I certainly can/could use more graphics and video on my websites, but I’m most comfortable with words-only blogging.

But I’m working on it. Following the lead of my grown children (now in their 30s and very computer/Internet savvy), I’ve been spending more time at sites like YouTube and Hulu. I’m seeing the value of such information and working on ways to incorporate video into my websites.

Still most comfortable with words, but I’m getting there with the video.

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