Internet writers only get read if they draw site visitors

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Call this advice for new online writers or simply basic review of the obvious: Internet writers only get read if they find ways to draw visitors to their websites. You might have the most brilliant article directory or blog or marketing website on the Internet. But no one will enjoy your brilliance, your clever writing, or buy your products if they never find your website.

Simple and free tools are available to help you get traffic to your website, to find readers for your online writing. You can write articles about your website’s subject matter and post them on various article directories. People search those directories, read your articles, and (hopefully) click on links to go to your website. You can also do directory submissions to all sorts of Internet “portal” sites where people come and search for websites related to a given topic.

The number one, best, long-term solution to drawing readers to your online writing is simply this: Write quality website content giving people information they are trying to find, answers to problems for which they need solutions, and the world will beat a path to your online doorway.

I may have mentioned this before, but I have an online acquaintance who has a very specialized website that he has posted articles to for YEARS. He literally has thousands of pages filled with news stories, guidebooks, great photos, and generally dominates the subject of popular astronomy. He’s a “space” freak with great passion.

That website is his only website. And it’s well on the way to making him a nice living because he draws tons of visitors every day through Google and other search engines. And he did this mostly by simply writing about his passion.

That’s the long-term solution for getting site visitors to read what you write: Dedicate yourself to the writing that stirs your passion — the write, write, write, and write some more.

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