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It’s a cold, slow day here — how about some fun with words and word play?

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We’re in the midst of recovering from an ice storm today. It was terrible yesterday and it isn’t thawing much, so we’re still in danger of power outages. Not the sort of day to bring out the best and most thoughtful side of me. (I worry too much, as my good wife, St. Shirl, would tell you.)

So I roamed around my “Favorites” file and searched around Google and came up with a site with some interesting word related pages: “Word Play,” simply enough, is the name of the site. I know nothing about it except that it has some fun links and useful information related to the English language.

A word or two of caution about the “Word Play” website: It does have some annoying “pop up” scripts installed. Your browser or may not be set to block them. But none of them appear to be harmful, simply advertising. Also, some of the links appear to have died, i.e., gone away, redirected to error pages, or whatever. But there’s some fun stuff here — including a link to a useful and fascinating site about homonyms. (If you find homonyms and homophones fascinating, that is.)
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