Key words are important to draw traffic to your website or blog

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If you’ve been writing copy for a website or posting to a blog very long at all, you know the significance of using key words to draw traffic. The “art and science” of getting Internet search engines to send visitors to your blog or website is generally known by the term “Search Engine Optimization” — or SEO for short.

Good SEO involves putting content on your website that people will be searching for, and when the various search engines (primarily Google) index your blog or web pages, people will find those terms, find your site, and come visit.

I don’t pretend to be an SEO expert, but I am learning. For those of you out there who are “newbies” or beginners at blogging or hosting a website, here’s a very simple, very important tip for doing SEO: Use key words as anchor text for links instead of just using something like “click here” when you create a link. Here’s an example. I have a website concerned with life in the Old West, where I blog about everything from Western history to Western culture, cowboys, Native Americans, gold mining, etc. When I created the link in that last sentence, I could have written this: “I have a website concerned with life in the Old West. You can find out more about it if you click here.” In that case, putting the anchor to the site on the words “click here” would have been perfectly valid. But when the “Google bots” visit this blog post and index all the content and links, they’ll send me more traffic to the key words “life in the Old West” than they would for “click here.”

Why? Because “click here” is indexed on 1.39 BILLION web pages in Google; but only 122,000 pages show up in Google for “life in the Old West” — and right now my website has the second place in Google for that term, going to a post I made on that blog earlier today.

That’s the power of using key words which are relevant to your content when you create links in your blog or website.

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