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Learn to write ad copy by watching insurance compay ads

Let’s be very clear on this: Whether you’re talking about life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, house insurance, etc., there is probably a part of you buried down deep (or maybe not even so deeply?) that thinks, “Insurance sucks. It’s like stuffing money down a deep hole, never to see it again and never even to hear it hit the bottom of the hole.”

Isn’t that about right? All the hassle of getting a good insurance quote usually starts the process. (Although the Internet has perhaps lessened some of that pain.) Then once an agreement is reached and paperwork taken care of, the real fun begins. You throw away your money on monthly, semi-annual, or annual premium payments.

Of course you realize most of those premiums you’ll never see again or get any benefit from. If that were not true, insurance companies would go broke. I can tell you from working at a property and casualty company that homeowners insurance and auto insurance work basically on one principle: Do everything you can do deny a claim; if you must pay a claim then low-ball the payout as much as you can possibly get away with.

All this is to say one thing if you are a copywriter or aspire to write sales copy of any sort: Watch or read lots of insurance ad copy if you want to learn how to make silk purses out of pigs’ ears. Think about the last insurance commercial you saw on television. It probably focused on how that company can 1) protect and defend you/your property/your loved ones/your health, whatever, 2) happiness and humor, 3) pride of ownership, and 4) all sorts of other positive, upbeat stuff.

You want to write ad copy? Learn from the best. Learn from the insurance companies.

Then take a deep breath and pay those insurance premiums anyway.