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Let me repeat: We had a commenting problem, but it’s fixed now

A couple of days ago I warned all you WordPress bloggers out there to be aware of possible plugin conflicts and other strange glitches that might happen to your blog. I’m not sure I made myself clear in that discussion about issues I had on some of my blogs, so let me repeat this: We did have a problem when people tried to leave comments on a couple of my blogs — including this one — but it’s fixed now.

I thought I should state that clearly because at least a couple of people are regular readers of my blogs via my Twitter reposting. And I want to make sure they get the word. If you tried to comment here or on any of my other blogs in recent months, you may have had your comment disappear when you hit “Submit.”

It shouldn’t be happening now. I found the plugin that wasn’t playing nicely with the others and made it go sit in the corner for a little time out. Or booted it off the bus. Or stopped and abandoned the thing alongside the road on the blogging highway. Whatever cheesy analogy you’d like to hear — that’s what I did with that plugin, and it will never block comments again. So now it’s back to vigilantly watching for the next plugin tantrum.

Many years ago, we made a move from one part of the country to another, and we did it without the help of any cross country moving companies, choosing simply to rent a large truck and do it all ourselves. As you know if you’ve done anything like that, it was a memorable adventure which I thankfully never hope to do again. I said all that to say this: Running multiple blogs and trying to add some value to them is filled with unexpected adventures and sudden problems that pop up, much like that long ago cross country move.

But, what the heck, blogging is STILL more fun. As a writer, I encourage you to start a blog if you haven’t started one yet. If you already blog, what can I say? Keep up the good work.