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Looking for a webhost? Explore this directory of web hosting companies

Trust me on this: Shop around carefully when you make a decision on the company that will host your website.

Here’s a great website, “Web Hosting Choice: Your Guide to Web Hosting,” that will help you in your hunt for a website for your blog or online writing presence. Their web address is http://www.webhostingchoice.com and they are a sort of “portal” with a web hosting search engine. You can type in the maximum monthly cost you want to pay, the amount of web space you are looking for, even the minimum monthly amount of bandwidth you expect to need. (If you don’t understand those terms, you can also just use their links to browse all the web hosting companies they list.)

Web Hosting Choice is a web hosting directory which is an excellent starting point. They offer information and links to explore specific hosts in detail, including contact information to reach the companies you’re interested in. Take advantage of all their listings and search tools. Then ask your own questions and find the webhost that’s right for you.
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