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Making use of online resources and useful websites, especially for writers

(Editor’s Note: This is another “recycled” post, one of the “golden oldies” of the blog which I’m bringing back to the top of the blog to feature their content again for those who haven’t been around here too long. Enjoy.)

I won’t pretend to know of all the writing web sites out there, many of which are high-quality and run by professional writers, and many of which are amateur efforts either with or without real merit.

The important rule of thumb when you’re looking at a writing web site is the same as with any other web site: This is the Internet, and everything you read on it is NOT true, good, or even real. Of course you know that, and I know that, but there are still scoundrels out there doing their best to take advantage of us. So always keep this in mind: Question everything you see, hear, and read on the Internet. (Or elsewhere for that matter.)

But one of the sites I have recommended in the past and would highly recommend to you again now that I’m recovering the posts in this blog is The Copyblogger, a site that you must bookmark and check regularly if you do any writing online. Their site tagline is “Copywriting tips for online marketing success,” but the tips you’ll pick up there are invaluable no matter what you’re doing as a writer, online or off.

I really appreciate the tips I pick up there myself. I like Brian Clark’s writing style and pretty much everything I find on the site. You owe it to yourself as a writer to check it out regularly.

Now get out there, get busy, and write something to make us all proud of you.
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2 Responses to “Making use of online resources and useful websites, especially for writers”

  1. Gary says:

    Ah, well. Delighted to recommend your terrific blog. I actually had done so a few months back. If you read around the site here, you’ll learn of my recent “adventure” in webhosting services — or The Big Crash as I like to call it.

    I just ran onto the post I had made earlier when I was looking through the remnants of the “old” website. Couldn’t fail to get your Copyblogger site back up there for all the good folks who come here to enjoy.