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Memoirs revisited — what are your favorites?

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I just finished reading a memoir that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago: “Crazy for God,” by Frank Schaeffer, son of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer, a religious evangelica/fundamentalist who was instrumental in forming much of today’s “Religious Right” Movement. Fascinating, honest book. Frank Schaeffer, author of the memoir, tells an honest, compelling story of what it was like growing up in a family headed by two people who were idolized (literally) by millions of fundamentalist/evangelical Christians in the 1960s-’80s. (Francis Schaeffer, theologian and father of Frank, died of cancer in 1984; Edith, mother and author in her own right, is still alive.)

Now I’m going to get started on that Anne Lamott book I mentioned yesterday and last week. It’s not exactly a memoir, but it contains elements of memoir.

But my question for you today is this: What is your favorite memoir? Perhaps you never read memoirs, but I’ll bet you do, or have. Think about the celebrity “autobiographies” you’ve read. Now think of them as memoirs — and tell me about them. It’s always helpful for writers to be avid readers. By reading new and different books, we expand our knowledge and improve our writing. So, tell us, please, what memoirs have you appreciated the most, and why?
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