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Mini-vacation may really improve your writing perspective

If you’re more dedicated as a writer than I — and you undoubtedly are — you probably put in lots of hours at the computer most days, tap, tap, tapping away at the old keyboard, adding words to your great works. Over the weeks and months, those words build up and your great works reach various stages of completion, maybe even publication.

Whether you keep such an idea writing schedule or not, I encourage you to take a break once in awhile. You really deserve it, and a serious break from your writing may even improve your perspective and sort of freshen up the old brain.

My wife and I took just such a break over an extended weekend. We went to a city about 200 miles from our hometown and simply hung out. Did a little driving, a lot of sleeping, relationship building/sharing stuff, the whole works. It was a great way to renew my outlook on everything from blogging to fiction writing to affiliate marketing. (I also discovered what an effective fat burner it can be to stay on the top floor of a three-story hotel that has no elevator. Ugh. Stairs.)

I encourage you again, take such a weekend break, or weekday break if that fits your schedule better, and enjoy some rest and renewal for the old brain. Your writing will thank you for it.