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More copywriting fundamentals: Focus on benefits

I know you’ve heard this a lot and I’ve said it before here myself: When you’re writing sales copy, forget about “features” and focus on “benefits.” This sounds really simple, but do you really “get it”? Do you understand the difference between focusing on a feature and focusing on a benefit?

Let’s suppose you have to write ad copy for a new diet food or new best weight loss supplement. Would you write about the science and nutrition behind the supplement? Or would you start with something like, “Five out of every seven users reported weight loss of three pounds or more every week for the first three months they used our product — without cutting back on snacks or starting new exercise programs.”

Frankly, as a certified “fat guy” myself — I wouldn’t really care how the stuff worked, but I’d be really interested in trying it if I thought five of seven other fat folks had that sort of success.

Features are nifty; benefits move the cash.