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More on copywriting — here’s an easy bonus to increase sales

I posted recently inviting copywriters to share some of their best tips. So far, I’ve gotten no responses, but, hey, never give up.

Another question for you copywriters — what are some easy bonuses you can offer in ad copy to sell a product, besides useful features and a good sale price?

Maybe price is everything for selling some products. In that case, a low price and/or some sort of discount coupons may be the best bonus. There’s one other factor though which makes a major difference when you’re writing copy to sell something on the Internet. Can you think of what I have in mind?

How about free shipping?

Most items people buy on the Internet are things they already know of and have some thoughts about buying. They probably already appreciate the features/benefits of the product — and maybe they’ve even done comparison shopping to find the price they’re willing to pay.

But offering them free shipping can be a terrific “deal maker” for your website.

So whether you’re selling something of your own, say at an online auction site, or you’re working with a merchant partner doing affiliate marketing or even doing drop shipping, try to find a way you can offer free shipping in your sales copy. Indeed, if you’re writing ad copy for the Internet, you should clarify with the person/website/company paying you whether free shipping is an option you might feature.

Bet profits will jump.