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More thoughts on affiliate marketing or drop shipping

When I wrote earlier today on this topic, I’ll admit I was a bit prejudiced based on my personal bias — I don’t want an online business that demands attention to buying/selling products, sending orders, monitoring shipping and customer service issues, and all the rest.

I would rather get a real “job” than try to build an online business like that.

But, I realize some folks out there just don’t grasp the concept of affiliate marketing — or think they can ultimately make more profit with drop shipping and similar models of actually buying and selling products online.

I respect that. I just simply would rather take a small commission on, for example, iPhone 4 accessories or decorative venetian wall mirrors or gold prospecting supplies, as an affiliate marketer than gain a larger payout but put up with customer hassles as a drop shipping merchandiser.

Sure, a baby cradle that I find to drop ship to someone that makes me a $75 profit would be wonderful. But I would have far less potential hassle and exposure to returns or charge backs on, say, a baby cradle that might pay me 8-10 percent commission if I’m affiliate marketing for an online merchant.

Go ahead. Hassle with finding a good supplier at a good price who drop ships reliably if that’s what you want to do. Personally, I’ll throw up a WordPress-powered website, put up some good pre-sales content, and send buyers to one of my online merchant partners, and be happy to take the almost hassle free commission as an affiliate marketer.

So, what are your thoughts? The invitation remains open for anyone who is doing well with drop shipping and wishes to share experiences — leave a comment, please.