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Moving experiences — got any to share?

This is pretty much totally off-topic. But, hey, since this is my blog, I suppose I can make the “topic” anything I wish on any given day, can’t I?

In this case, I invite you to share any tips you have or experiences you’ve had recently regarding cross country moving adventures. If not cross country, at least several hundred miles. Specifically, have any of you used some of these new “POD” moving services and had either good or bad experiences with them? How about conventional movers — or, even do-it-yourself experiences with the many rent-a-trailer/truck companies available? (I’m hesitant to use brand names.)

I’m asking all this as feedback for an acquaintance of mine on a forum I frequent regularly. He is preparing for a major move and was seeking comments, so I thought I’d see if we can get some comments here and pass the link along to him.

If you’ve recently moved, or are planning a move, leave a comment. I thank you and he may thank you, too. Meanwhile, if the weather where you are is hot and humid, as it is here, maybe you’ll spend the day trying very hard to stay inside with AC and NOT move a lot. Ah, summer in the Missouri Ozarks!