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My apologies for overlooking one of the best ‘Useful Websites’ for writers

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I just realized that I’ve mentioned “Writer’s Digest” magazine from time to time in this blog — but I’ve never, as far as I can find, featured their website as one of my “Useful Websites.”

So that’s what I’m doing today: Go right over to the Writer’s Digest website and take a good look around. They have a nice bunch of resources on their website, almost as useful as the magazine itself. I strongly recommend the link near the top of the page to their set of blogs. They have specialized blogs done by various editorial staff members and staff writers you really need to look over and take advantage of.

No matter what your interest in writing or your area of expertise, there’s a wealth of good stuff at the Writer’s Digest website. They push their various paid writing courses — and I suggest they’re all good and all worth the money. But they have a lot of free material and useful links to the writing world and the publishing industry. I suggest you bookmark their site and return regularly. Make it part of your writing routine.
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