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My best advice the next time a ‘guru’ offers you a deal on sure-fire riches

If you’ve been online long and interested in making money online, you know what I’m talking about in this post: the “guru-of-the-week” syndrome. I’m talking about those emails that flood your inbox, the Tweets on Twitter, the videos, and all the other madness enticing you to spend $20-$60-$130-$947, etc., for a revolutionary/incredibly simple/never-before-thought-of path to Internet millions — heck, maybe even billions.

So here’s my very best advice when you find one of those guru pitches enticing — and they ARE very enticing, which is why they work to make the guru RICH! My very best advice is simple — RUN LIKE THE WIND.

If making serious, steady money online were easy, we’d all be rich, wouldn’t we? Personal testimonial here — I’ve spent much more money than I’m proud to admit on lots of little offers, ebooks, email courses, even a couple of membership sites. In the interest of full disclosure, the ONLY information or membership I think I’ve ever made money from is the totally free membership I’ve had for several years at the ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forums. The information there is incredible, and it’s free to all who truly seek to study and learn. (Warning: The ABW folks are mostly serious affiliate marketing professionals. They’re welcoming and helpful to all who honestly try to study and learn the business — but they have a very low tolerance for scammers, spammers, and fools.)

Yes, I’ve wasted some time and money on the so-called gurus. Yes, I’ve convinced myself a few times that, sure, this offer sounds too good to be true, but maybe, just maybe, it’s different this time and it’s the answer I’ve been looking for. But not recently.

And if you just are convinced that somewhere there’s a magic ebook or magic “insider” private membership site — let me direct you to a wonderful piece of parody one of my ABW forum buddies put together: “Buy My Stupid Ebook.” Don’t just read it for laughs, read it and think about the real-life guru stupidity it lampoons. (And, heck, if you really want to spend a chunk of money on a mythical ebook, I’ll be glad to help you contact the author to buy his stupid ebook!)