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My Number One cure for writer’s block — guaranteed to work every time

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This may be the very last “recovered” or “re-run” post I make on this blog. After one more serious search through my hard drive, I found one more blog post from before the Terrible Server Crash of ’07, and I want to re-post it to share my shining words of wisdom with those of you out there who haven’t seen this particular post before. Or something like that. As far as I can tell from the few records I keep about such things, this was originally posted in early August 2007.)

At last, I’m going to reveal my secret cure for writer’s block. I won’t charge you a cent for this. I thought about turning this advice into an “ebook” and selling it on the Internet for $79.95-and-worth-every-dime-of-it. But, nah, I’ll give it away. It’s absolutely free. BUT — it’s for writers only.

Let me clarify that: My cure for writer’s block ONLY works for writers. I don’t care what you write — fiction, history, essays, novels, poems. I don’t care whether you’ve been writing for five years, 50 years, or 15 minutes. I’m giving this to you and you’re perfectly free to make what you want of it.

Yes, my friends, step right up. Get your absolutely free and 100% guaranteed secret cure for writer’s block.

All right. You ready? Come closer to your computer monitor, that’s right. Turn up the volume on your speakers/headset/whatever. I don’t want you to miss this. Sure you’re ready? All right. Here it is:

Start writing right now.

Put your behind in the chair (or stand up if you enjoy that more and it works for you), put your fingers on the keyboard (or use a pencil/pen and paper if that works for you), and WRITE.

No, no, no. This isn’t a cheap trick. (Heck, it’s not cheap — it’s free. But it’s no trick anyway.) This isn’t some sort of silly stunt. I want you to take this as seriously, echoing the old cliche, as a heart attack. Because I’m totally serious about this.

Start writing right now.

Don’t think about writing. Don’t struggle with what to write or how to write it. Don’t let that nasty little editor who looks over your shoulder — the one living inside your head — hinder you or distract you.


Now get busy and DO some writing. Come back tomorrow and I’ll try to have some suggestions that will help. But do the basics and I promise you my secret cure for writer’s block will work every time.

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