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My preference is to ‘dominate’ keywords on my website

I posted an article recently about writing online content and how to utilize it on your website and others’ websites. This subject fascinates me and I think it’s an important way freelance writers can make money online if done well and done consistently.

I wanted to make myself clear on my personal preference: I prefer to try to “dominate” keywords on a specific subject I love and to do it by posting most of my content to my own website. I personally (as I said in the earlier article) do a little of both. (You can see some of the stuff I’ve written at EzineArticles.com and how I’ve tried to backlink to various websites.)

That’s not to say I’ve achieved anything close to “dominance” in any category of websites or online interests. But I focus most of my writing on one or two websites that I really enjoy and expect to make a lifetime “job” out of. I’ve been a longtime Western fan and Old West history buff, so I’ve got a site based on life in the Old West that I’m making my main writing effort this year.

And that’s the key to my whole approach to writing online — I try to do something about which I have some knowledge and passion. (I would be totally lost if I tried to make a major, authoritative site about Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Mopar parts, the history of fast food in America, or carpentry, for example.) I also mentioned in that earlier post that I know a guy who has one of these huge, well-written sites. He writes about something fairly academic, but he absolutely loves it and he does a good job of popularizing his academic subject matter.

Now all I need to do is research and write about 10,000 articles for my Old West site, and then …