No takers for my previous writing challenge-exercise?

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So, at this point I’ve not had any one take me up on the little writing challenge-exercise regarding researching and writing articles related to best acne treatment products. I thought someone interested in writing online might jump in there and give it a shot.

It really wasn’t intended as a challenge so much as a way to get you thinking about what it takes to make money writing online. As I have mentioned here many times in the last couple of years, making money doing freelance writing for blogs and other websites is extremely tough. It’s tough because too many people who think they can write are offering their services at drastically low prices.

Sadly, many of the people offering to write quick, short articles for very low rates, do not even write English as their primary language, so when they do these articles the results are too often a disaster.

But don’t give up if you truly want to write for blogs and websites. Start your own site built around something you love to write about. Get that going and drawing Internet traffic and you have real possibilities.

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