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Odd phrases people search for on the Internet

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If you’ve been online for long, you’ve probably used Google, or Yahoo!, or Bing, or one of the many “search engines” out there to search for information, or perhaps for a particular website.

Being word people, we writers (I say “we” meaning specifically my wife and I) enjoy word games. We enjoy anything fun or funny that has to do with words, don’t we? And one of the fun things I’ve done from time to time is to go to one of the websites that shows what people are currently searching for on the Internet. Sometimes it’s just disgusting to see the huge number of searches that are p*rnogr*phic. (I don’t like to use such words on this site for fear of the sorts of traffic it might attract. You can fill in the asterisks and understand, can’t you?)

But some of the things people are searching for are just funny. I was reading some posts on a forum I go to regularly about search phrases people were seeing related to weight loss. These are actual phrases, as I understood from that forum anyway, people used looking for ways to lose weight:

“how much really is thirty pounds of fat”
“would losing 30 pounds make a difference in my body”
“lose 30 lbs in a month i don’t care how”

and, probably my personal favorite because it strikes me as quirky:

“how far do i need to walk to lose weight”

The more I look at those search phrases, the more I fear we might have had someone on that forum pulling our collective legs. Regardless, it’s just a little word fun. I enjoyed it. I hope it brightened your day, too.

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