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OK, so I’m once again taking the plunge into Twitter

OK, so I’m once again taking the plunge into the world of Twitter. For any of you interested in following me, I’m now @gswriterguy on the service.

I wanted to go with just “Gary Speer,” but another Gary Speer was already on Twitter. I linked in my profile to this website, and I’m scrambling around for a good piece of code to let you find and easily follow me from this location.

I have limited Twitter experience and more than a bit of hesitancy about it all. A few years ago I had an account, and got caught up in some money-making schemes to amass tens of thousands of followers. The idea was I would “pitch” various affiliate marketing ideas and links to my massive group of followers. They would dutifully buy products through my links, and of course retweet them to others. In an ideal world, this would work brilliantly and I would become wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

In the real world, of course, the whole plan failed — because 99 percent of the people following me were doing it for the same reason. Duh.

This time, however, I want to use Twitter wisely. I encourage anyone who wants to track any helpful advice I have here — heck, even the unhelpful, dumb stuff, I guess — to follow me. I may take awhile to get the hang of it, but I intend to use Twitter only for good and not for evil, this time.

A word about my Twitter name, @gswriterguy, and why I chose it. As I mentioned, someone else already had “Gary Speer,” my real name. Since my ultimate plan is to become wonderfully successful writing ebook novels and how-to ebooks, etc., I want to build “brand name” recognition for “Gary Speer.” Uh, for me, the “real” Gary Speer that is. So I took the initials “G.S.” and combined them with a moniker I’ve used for several years on various blogs and forums, “writerguy” — and there you have it. A star is born on Twitter, @gswriterguy.

Finally, you’ll notice a new Twitter button at the bottom of each article (and I think each page?) on the site. So feel free to “tweet” me — bear with me as I learn all the necessary lingo to make this Twitter thing work.