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Online business rests largely on quality of your webhosting company

Today is one of those days that makes me think of things like treadmills: I’m putting forth a lot of effort but seeing little or no forward progress.

It actually started for me yesterday, when I put the finishing touches on an affiliate marketing website I had been revamping for the last week and a half. I really like the way it turned out, and the timing is almost right — it’s a site dealing with sports team clothing and collectibles — so I’m hoping for good things.

Then I ran some software I have to create a sitemap of the website which I can submit to Google. That’s supposed to help get the links/new links for the website indexed quickly into Google so all those eager sports fan shoppers out there can find it and make me incredibly wealthy. (Okay, maybe at least send me a couple of bucks in commissions.)

Either because the site is so big, or because the sports gods were frowning upon me, the sitemap software suddenly began draining memory resources on my webhost’s servers — and I got an “abuse” warning. That means I had to delete the sitemap software, and I’m holding my breath for a response from my webhost as to whether they’ll shut down my account.

If you’re reading this, it means my webhosting account is okay so far. But so far I’ve heard nothing from them.

While I await a “yea or nay” from my webhost, I’m trying hard to think of forward progress instead of those treadmills.
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One Response to “Online business rests largely on quality of your webhosting company”

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