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Opportunity to make money online with your writing

From time to time, I try to offer tips for how you might make some money online with your writing skills. Sometimes these are opportunities I’ve tried and sometimes they’re ones I’m just getting around to trying.

Associated Content is one of those websites I keep meaning to get back to and try. Instead, I’ll ask — do any of you reading this post content on that website?

As I understand it, Associated Content lets you write about what interests you, topics you know about, and AC will pay you a small upfront fee as well as additional money based on the popularity or page views of your content over time. I doubt there’s any BIG money to be made in any short time frame. But I would suspect you can parlay it into some long term income if it works out for your writing style and interests.

So, whether you want to write about how to find and install the best lighting fixtures or the five best tips for teaching kids to ride a bicycle, you can probably find a market for it at Associated Content.

As I said, I ran onto the site awhile back, but I’ve never gotten back there and given it a try. Anyone using AC to make money that wants to leave a comment and tell us about it? Please do.