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Outsourcing appears to be ruining online writing industry

Outsourcing of content writing to Third World English speakers (for lack of a better term) appears to be ruining the online writing industry.

The Internet is a VERY big “place,” pretty much unlimited in size, so it’s always difficult to generalize. So, really, I’m only speaking from my limited viewpoint and experience when I make statements about online writing, website and blog content writing, etc.

I belong to a very useful membership website where I am constantly learning new things about how to create online content that will draw readers. I’m talking about “keyword specific” content, using words and phrases people actually search for online as invitations to draw them to your particular blog or website.

In the course of studying all that, and in discussions with people at that site’s very active forum, I’m seeing one negative side effect of all this emphasis on site content: People become mad crazy to “outsource” content writing for the least possible amount of money they can spend.

I know people there who get pretty excited about the idea of getting a 700 word article structured around specific keywords for less than a dollar. Granted, that’s a great price for people who can’t or won’t write their own content.

But what about people who are trying to actually make a living by writing website content for money? Where do you draw the line between what they’re willing to pay — and what you’re willing to work for?

On the other hand, there are very dedicated, and sometimes pretty good, English-speaking writers in countries where $200 a month will support a family. And by using such people to write cheap content, 1) the customer using the content gets a great deal, and, 2) the person writing the content sees a definite boost in their income and lifestyle.

I see no easy answers for writers in this situation. If you’re trying to make a living writing content for websites, I wish you well. It’s never been easier, and it appears to be getting harder.

(Editor’s note: If you want to find out more about writing keyword rich website content and setting up “niche” websites to earn money, I strongly encourage you to visit the site I’m speaking about in this article, The Keyword Academy, and try their $1, 30-day full membership trial offer.)